Who am I?

Hello to all,

January 2004 :There is some news: I'm now an assistant librarian at the French National Sports Institute (INSEP) at least until the end of June.

October 2003 :
the site has been online for more than two years now, and I feel it is high time I gave you some news.

While the site hasn't always been updated on a regular basis because of my other activities (there are also days when you wonder whether all the work you put in is really worth it), it nevertheless has won a good audience: more than 40,000 visits since 2001, a monthly average of 1500 visits with a peak of 3940 in August 2002, because I was the only one to publish the full results of the African championships in Tunis.

To my great pleasure, the site attracts a varied readership from the whole world (more than 40 different countries every month, with Europe and Northern America in the lead), from people who discover its existence by chance through search engines, to statisticians and people keen on African results, that are often so difficult to find.

For my part, I'm now 25 years old and I still live in the suburbs of Paris (France). I've completed my studies in information management at the end of 2002 and since then I've been struggling to find a job in that field. As the French economic situation isn't in my favour at the moment, I won't hesitate to move abroad for sometime if an opportunity arises.

Meanwhile, I keep paving my way in the athletics family. At the beginning of the year I started writing contributions for the IAAF website. The trips I've done to different international competitions allowed me to get new contacts and build friendships, which will undoubtedly help to enrich the information available on Africathle.com.

Last but not least, I recently got a small digital camera as a present and I hope this will help to develop the website's photo gallery.

Carole Fuchs - 25 October 2003

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